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About Us


Khajoor Sketch from our Founder's journal

Khajoor Studio is a slow and artisanal clothing brand that explores a mix of traditional and modern India. At Khajoor, we strive to thoughtfully design everyday luxury clothing pieces that cultivate heritage via time-honoured craft techniques, resources, and artisans of our country.

Khajoor ~ a Hindi word for sweet edible fruit - the date, growing on date palm trees in tropical regions all around the world. From date walnut puddings to natural date syrups, from being described as the tree of life to have proven healing powers, from breaking fasts in the evening Iftar meal with dates to being a symbol of prosperity and triumph, dates are versatile, staple and timeless fruits, representing the deep brand values of pure luxury, timeless traditions & craftsmanship.

Khajoor Studio is a juxtaposition of Contemporary Folklore India expressed through textile craftsmanship of our country - centered around hand knits and hand prints, the clothing at Khajoor is fun yet detailed, art-inspired, and mindfully handcrafted.



The soul of the brand find its origin in the creative vision of the founder, Muskan Soni. Born and bought up in the beautiful city of Jaipur, she has been surrounded by colourful crafts and heritage of Rajasthan throughout her life. She followed her passion by pursuing her Bachelors from the prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi and creative management from IIM-A. During this time, while developing understanding of design fundamentals, she also worked closely with different crafts of India. In 2022, Khajoor was launched with the aim of translating her love for people, places and art of India in the form of comfortable & contemporary clothing for the modern woman, essentially connecting the rooted crafts of India with modernity; a play on colours and crafts of our country.



Clothing at Khajoor Studio is made by artisans throughout India following the guiding principles of sustainable and responsible production, while using traditional craft techniques to achieve a skilful quality. When you buy from us, you are directly contributing to the livelihood of all the people who are part of our production circle.

Ethically Sourced

From local Indian wool and cotton farmers and artisans - to you. An important aspect of our brand is sourcing local providers and supporting the local textile industry. And our everlasting goal is to empower female artisans while creating a positive impact for them and their communities. We only use natural or conscious fabrics & materials like recycled cotton, local wool, cotton, Bemberg, Tencel etc, sourced from certified suppliers in India. 

Handspun Indian Local Wool by the women artisans of India


One of our core values include being considerate of the environment we live in. From using indigenous & natural raw materials to azo free dyeing, we try our best to use sustainable raw materials, processes and alternatives that live in harmony with the nature. From nature, for you.

Hand dyeing the fabric at the cluster

"There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness"

 - Mahatma Gandhi